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Germany Boasts Balanced Budget, Resists Euro Zone Stimulus - Yahoo Finance

[read] That reduces the likelihood of tough penalties on France or Italy, the euro zone's second and third largest economies, when their fiscal plans are reviewed again in March. Countries that put capital into a proposed European Fund for Strategic Investment would http://mormbognar.tumblr.com not http://koryhmkc.unblog.fr be penalised if it tips them over the EU's deficit limit of 3 percent of gross domestic product. However, those that already have an deficit in excess of the ceiling would win no indulgence. The mood of self-congratulation in Berlin over the balanced budget made any easing of fiscal policy seem unlikely, even though the German economy is expected to slow this year. Far from using the leeway to invest more in creaking public infrastructure or cut taxes to stimulate weak domestic demand, politicians in Merkel's conservative CDU party said the government should now focus on paying down the country's debt. CDU deputy parliamentary floor leader Michael Fuchs told Handelsblatt that Germany still had huge a debt pile to clear currently at around 75 percent of GDP, and needed to keep saving as a duty to future generations.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/germany-boasts-balanced-budget-resists-182850363.html

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