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Insane Workout Calendar Download | Zdnet

I struggled to find anything that provided this function so I wrote one for myself, and here I am sharing it. What this app is:- * Adds a 60 day insanity workout to a calendar on your device * The calendar selected can be your google one, or any other * Once the workouts are added, they are on your calendar and will appear anywhere you access that calendar * The workouts include listings of the exercises from warm-up, to the many rounds and cool down. * Set reminders as needed * Completely Add Free * No in-app purchases Free Bonus features:- * The ability to list, edit in calendar app and remove all workouts * Calculate your BMI * Calculate your Harris Benedict Equation for your BMR * Determine how many calories a day you should eat and divide into a 5 meal quota * Simple email export of results and measurements (for import to spreadsheet) Still to come (in development):-* Display results in a better format * Additional workout combinations (advanced and intermediate) What this APP is NOT:- - what you don't get * A pretty app, this is for adding the workouts to your calendar, not for great aesthetics * Doesn't include the workout themselves, please purchase from an official stockist Technical notes:- * This appends to an existing calendar (you can select) and doesn't create its own.* Once the apps are added to the calendar, uninstalling the app will not remove the workouts. To remove workouts, they need to be removed from within the app before uninstalling or manually from your calendar. The app can be reinstalled to remove the workouts as needed. * The workouts can be added multiple times. Indeed once your first 60 days is done, why not do the recovery week again, and then start over, from experience, you will continue to get results. * This app is tiny, and has a small footprint, and should not consume resources. * Uses the calendar/contacts permission only, to view, add and remove (events it added).
Full story: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2129-76245351/

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